Connecting the Unserved and Underserved to the INTERNET

Founded in Newcastle, South Africa, by a group of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) professionals;
The founding team consists of professionals from Asia and South Africa, with more than 20years experience in Engineering, Telecom and ICT sectors;
Having solid experience in Asia and Africa market;
We commit to connect the UNSERVED & UNDERSERVED in Africa to the Internet;
We are vendor and technology neutral, strive to serve the clients in cost-effective way;
The team is working on several projects in Southern Africa to facilitate the ICT industry development and perfecting the ecosystem.

Our Services For Clients

can support you no matter where you are

The team is able to support you globally, from design -> sourcing -> engineering and then operations. Pan Africa Telecom is a one-stop Information & Communications Technology service provider.

IT services

IT support and services are the fundamental business of Pan Africa Telecom.

Network & Solution Design

From LAN to WAN and to global communication solutions, the team is ready to support you.


The engineering team with solid experience in ICT and Solar/Electrical Engineering is able to assist you to implement the project.

Global Connectivity

As an internet service provider, we are offering internet service to clients as well as global connectivity solutions, like MPLS VPN, SDWAN and IEPL…etc.

SMS/A2P services

We have the A2P gateway and able to assist your to deliver the SMS to your clients globally.

Equipment & Material Distribution

Leveraging our affiliate resources, we are distributing equipment and materials to Enterprises, ISP and Telecommunications providers in Sub-Saharan Africa.